We utilise the best technology to keep our in-house team communicating and working efficiently. We believe that good service is prompt service, so NGJ will never leave you in the dark.


Our team are adequately qualified and reflect the highest legal-industry standards. This helps us understand, appropriately plan and structure transactions effectively.


We don’t expect our clients to have the same legal understandings as our team, so we encourage you to approach us with any questions or concerns you may about our service. We use language you can understand!

Timely and Responsive

Productive use of time is crucial to us, so we are always responsive and efficient throughout our day-to-day movements. This includes our communication with you.

Who We Are

NGJ was founded by director, Nathan Justin. Nathan has worked tirelessly to create an offering unlike anything else in the legal sphere. We are a boutique law firm who prioritise relatability, and client rapport. We have taken the time to understand our customers and their needs, and what we’ve found is that education is key. Legal issues are far too often inflated by commercialism for business profit. Our business has been established to overcome this problem, and as a result, we remain completely transparent in all aspects of our service.

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